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ZOLL AED Plus CPR-D Pads, 5-year pads

Price: $229.00
Item Number: 8900-0800-01
The ZOLL CPR-D Padz (AED Pads) is a unique one-piece, pre-connected electrode pad design that simplifies electrode pad placement by using the CPR hand placement landmark (the sternum) as the key placement cue. The design of the ZOLL CPR-D Padz meets the characteristics of 99% of human chest anatomy and for the other 1% of the population or anatomical variations that require special placement adaptation; a special feature of the ZOLL CPR-D Padz (AED Pads) allows the user to separate the apex electrode

  • Unique one-piece AED pad design
  • Easy to set up: provides all accessories required for rescue session. Includes - Scissor, Razor, Towel, CPR Barrier, Gloves and antiseptic wipe.
  • Maximizes proper placement with fast "release and press" liners.
  • Virtually impossible for rescuer to get confused
  • Not available on any other AED - world's first AED to offer this feature.
  • Integrates important CPR skills to help rescuer through all aspects of a rescue.
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